Is Your Business Health Conscious?

March 03 2014 – Robert Fiumara

If you’re like most businesses – and even individuals - chances are you’ve been affected by the latest health trends of the last few years.  More and more people are continually turning to a variety of exercise and diet options to manage any number of health concerns.  This has important implications for your business too, as your decision to offer at least some consideration to those concerned with their health and well-being could mean the difference between the viability of your restaurant or missing out on an important target demographic.


The most obvious implication of this development is that menus need more healthy options than ever before.  It’s almost a guarantee that at some point in the course of a typical business day, your restaurant will play host to a guest who’s looking for more than a typical grease bomb for lunch.  This means that you should add more healthy options like salad, low calorie entrees, and smaller portion meals.  This will ensure that your menu can cover the wide spectrum of guests you will host, and offer something for everyone.


If They’re Not Dieting …


While some prefer to eat healthy and fill their diet with only foods they know will be good for them, some diners won’t feel the need to maintain a strict diet to keep healthy.  Many people are just looking for ways to mitigate the health consequences of the foods that they love. 


This means for many that it’s still a viable option to order the hamburger, but instead of fries, get a salad on the side.  Still others want something warm and comforting on a cold day, and will thus choose something like macaroni and cheese, but might prefer a smaller portion, as well as a lighter cheese than simply yellow cheddar. 


As long as you keep your menu varied, and offer your clients a wide range of options for their meals, you will succeed in giving them the ability to make healthy choices for their own diet.  This will win you loyal customers and positive reviews in the process. You’d be surprised at how many businesses aren’t still taking advantage of healthy options!


What About the Experience?


With the technological advancement of our times, and the wide spread use of special apps and tech tools to help diners, it’s more important then ever to maintain your reputation amongst loyal, established customers, as well as potential new clientele.  This means that you need to provide diners with a clean, neat, and orderly experience.  While you certainly take health standards and cleanliness seriously, in the digital age, you just can’t afford a slip up.  So many of us have experienced this already – remember your first bad Yelp review?


Every day, your restaurant needs to look and feel as healthy and clean as possible.  Sit down with your staff, go over your health protocol, and discuss the standards that all of you share for ensuring the best experience possible to guests.  Figure out exactly what you can do to manage the experience of your clientele, and ensure that they leave your restaurant willing to recommend it to anyone, or at least not give you a bad review on Yelp!


Whatever you choose to do or not do, the fact remains, health standards are more important than ever for your restaurant.  It’s critical to provide clients healthy options, as well a safe experience to dine in.  As long as you know this and apply those standards to every decision you make, you will be able to provide your guests with the experiences they desire, ensuring that your restaurant has a strong reputation and is well known for its high standards.


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