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 The finest task Kentaur has is to make chef clothes that suit the European market. We have a good reputation for the last 28 years and use our experience and expertise to design, develop, and produce high-quality culinary apparel.

We are proud of our innovative spirit and market knowledge. At Kentaur, we know the textile service requirements, the users, and the market. We combine this knowledge with our experience and the information we get from interacting with users through focus groups, testing, and communicating with users. Through interacting with our customers, we can ensure that we choose the right products that suit our customer's tastes. Whether the hospitality industry requires a white chef coat or hairnet as part of the work wear, we ensure that our chef wear selection is always high-quality.

 Kentaur always takes the lead when it comes to collaboration.

 We are innovative and always look at the bigger picture when it comes to developments. We are proud of our Nordic design line as it is simple and high-quality. We aim to be trendsetters in the fashion industry and know that we need help for us to be successful. We develop our chef apparel when we interact and listen to you since you are the one who wears our chef clothes to work every day. Textile service is included in the development process of our new chef apparel assortments so that we can create functional culinary apparel for hospitality industry.

We achieve our goal when our chef apparel make your employees feel comfortable at work and appreciate your feedback that helps us improve our work wear. Our chef clothing is tested by users in: focus groups, professional laundries, and ambassadors who give us their honest feedback. Once we get the feedback, we make the necessary adjustments and this is what puts us ahead when making work wear.


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