Product Spotlight: Culinary Bragards/Jackets

July 09 2014 – Robert Fiumara

The summer’s heating up, and so is our kitchen apparel. As always, Fiumara Apparel is on the forefront of culinary apparel trends and is dedicated to providing you the very highest quality duds so that you can stop focusing on your clothes, and start focusing on what you’re doing in the kitchen.  This month, we have a special spotlight on Chef’s bragards and jackets.  Take a look!


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Verana Women’s Chef Jacket: In a field that has been dominated historically by men, it is important to recognize the significance of female chefs in the culinary industry. Specifically designed for women, this professional and stylish jacket has snap buttons under an efficient fly front. Adorned with a chest pocket, side pockets, and a double pen pocket for, it is suited well for utility in the kitchen.  Likewise, it has a vented opening that will keep you cool in even the most fiercely hot environments.  Crafted of a 65/36 polyester cotton blend, this jacket will remain durable even against hundreds of washings.


Chicago Chef Jacket:  A traditional look is by no means a bad thing, but sometimes a little more character is desired in the workplace attire of a chef.  Sometimes, a little bit of kick or spice is needed to set you apart. That’s where this stylish Chicago style Chef’s jacket comes into play. Designed with contrasting piping, this jacket available in 5 different colorings will help even the most discerning chef stand out. With adjustable sleeves, you can tailor this jacket to fit your needs in terms of both comfort and style. Constructed of a 45/52 polyester cotton blend, this jacket will stand up to even the toughest kitchens and wash cycles.


Grand Chef Jacket: The most traditional of culinary looks, this Grand Chef Jacket without pockets combines all of the features of its predecessors with one notable exception, it has no chest pocket.  This is to achieve only the most meticulous kitchen look. Crafted of 100% long fiber Egyptian cotton, this jacket is one of the most durable in the industry.  The sleeves, while long and stylish, are designed with sleek underarm air vents to keep you cool during even the most disastrous kitchen rushes.  This jacket is likewise double breasted, and comes adorned with hand-rolled crush resistant buttons that will stand up to even the most severe punishments.


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As you can see, Fiumara Apparel is dedicated to providing you with the very best in kitchen and culinary apparel. Whether you’re only starting your cooking career, or are a long established chef, Fiumara Apparel can and will meet all of your kitchen apparel needs. Keep an eye on our site, and sign up for our newsletter to receive special information regarding our products and unique offers.

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