The Importance of Consistency: For the Owner-Chef

April 08 2014 – Robert Fiumara

People who aren’t chefs sometimes can’t understand the importance of work wear within the food preparation and management industry. As chefs, we know apparel plays a vital role in our field. As is the case with multiple other industries, our work clothes define us. People often associate particular hats and uniforms with being a chef – our apparel distinguishes us, so consistency is important.


As chefs, we know that apparel to some extent defines opportunities and people – and while the right apparel provides multiple advantages for chefs like us and our staff, what about consistency? Undoubtedly, consistency plays a major role in eateries. Restaurant owners should consider consistency when ordering work apparel for the following reasons.


Differentiating your eatery among competitors


With regards to dining, consumers have tons of choices. It’s critical that your restaurant differs among the competition. Consumers might be attracted to the food - free fresh bread, a colorful plate and the right cocktail or other drink. Regardless, we all know what it’s like to have competition.  Being able to compete is critical and apparel just might be your defining factor. Consumers are able to identify your choice of apparel and associate it with your restaurant. Additionally, the right apparel will differentiate you from competitors in the local dining area.


Uniformity says a lot


Consistency is also about uniformity. When front of staff and chefs have a consistent uniform, diners associate the similarities with teamwork among staff members and a professional environment. Whether your apparel is jeans and a tshirt or a custom made hat and clothing, the entire staff and chefs cooperating together will highlight an environment of professionalism.


Nailing Down Ambience


People tend to put energy into figure out where they’re going to eat. If you’re trying to improve on your brand or boost your restaurant’s image, you’ll need to be consistent. Fine dining requires a particular brand of clothing and a reflection of style, while casual dining should beget a more casual style of clothes. If you’re being inconsistent in what you allow your staff and chefs to wear- maybe some in T-shirts and others in formal wear- your customers might feel a little confused. Once you select a type of apparel and a taste for your restaurant, it’s important to keep things that way.

Since consistency is important, it’s ideal to select the look you want your customers to identify your restaurant with and stick with it.


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